Lasers Rotators


ZEL400 series covers whole range from internal applications such as flooring, partitioning, ceiling to general construction. Has a full range of leveling up to 300m diameter, horizontal and vertical self leveling, vertical plumb for verticality check and comes with rechargeable battery for uninterrupted continuous use.

ZLT300/200 Series

ZLT300 / 200 covers full range from machine control, site work, pipe laying to interior finishing. Stop chasing bubbles to get your job leveled, ZLT300/200 are the partners help you to get the job done in time with accuracy reliability. By press of a button, laser levels automatically. You can simply match slopes in one or two axis, with the plumb laser verticality checking or pipe laying jobs can be done perfectly. Robust, full metal housing, IP67 highest protection in class against water and dust.