Total Station


Leica Total Stations- Builder series fits into all segment from contractors, Builders from small sites or High Rise structures where high accuracy is required. 1.5mm - Best accuracy available in the industry to check the levels, parallelism etc.


ICON (Intelligent Construction) introduced by Leica Geosystems, Switzerland serves as one integrated platform for the control of all positioning and measuring tasks in building and road construction industry.

Unique power search – finds prism over 300 meters, flexible data communication through WLAN or long range Blue tooth, Electronic Guide light assisting the operator, easy hand over control from one person – Robotic to Machine control for fine Grading and Paving. The ICON Build software helps in future to integrate efficient modules like locators, digital levels, distance meter.

Leica Builder series

For anyone working on or around site with the need of a simple, yet innovative, long lasting and powerful measuring tool.

A wide range of Total Stations

Builder 200 series – An entry level Total Station for all beginners at an affordable price with Leica Technology of endless drives, Measuring range upto 500 meters ( Extendable upto 3500 meters), 5000 points internal memory, laser plummet, Built in programs Resection, Missing line, Setting out, Tie Distance

Builder 400 series – Reflector less measurements up to 15m helps in measurement of critical inaccessible points. Large internal memory of 50,000 points also supplied with an external USB memory for easy data transfer. Laser Plummet, Highest accuracy of EDM 1.5mm at 100 meters, Graphical display helps in easy stake out, Area and stock pile volume computation, Alignment of structures, Parallelism of walls, Direct DXF data can be read in Auto Cad, theft protection etc .

Builder 500 series – Reflector less measurements up to 250m and all features same as 400 series, wireless communication via Bluetooth.