Laser Distancemeter


Get rid of conventional tape measurements. Leica Disto can measure distances both indoor and outdoor applications. An onboard camera helps in easy sighting. Area, volume measurements all made simple. Painting Area can be calculated in few seconds - a versatile tool for everyone.

All our products comes with unmatched 3 Years warranty when registered in within 8 weeks of purchase.

Leica 3D Disto

Recreating the real world with 3D measuring. Large room?, No right angle Many details? Difficult to reach? Complex structures?

No worry, Leica 3D disto measures everything you need in 3 Dimension with 1.0mm accuracy , direct DXF input to Autocad

Versatile tool for measurement of

  • Curved stairs – direct input of details to CAD
  • Scanning of arched roofs and export data in CAD made simple, reducing conventional 4 to5 hours of laborious measurements.
  • Measuring walls, angles, kitchen cabinets, all made perfect with 3D Disto and DXF file can be sent to CNC machines, resulting the cut wood, fix exactly.
  • Leveling of large, complex structures up to 1.0mm accuracy made simple, highly professional

Leica Disto D810

World’s first Laser Distance Meter with Touch screen. Another revolutionary feature allows measurements with pictures, download through USB interface to a PC. With App. simple sketches of objects can be downloaded to devices with Android V4.3 and Bluetooth 4.0, thereby allows sketches or photos dimensioned and subsequently sent directly to office by e-mail. Measuring range of 200 meters, integrated 360° sensor and compass.

Leica Disto D8

Laser Distance Meter equipped with a digital point finder, colour display, 360° tilt sensor, Measuring range of 200 meters, Bluetooth transfer to pocket Pc’s, Pc’s, Android v4.0. Options for calculation of height of Tree, Horizontal distances can be computed efficiently past obstacles.

Leica Disto D510

Disto D510 stands for easy and best solution for outdoor measurements. Unique point finder helps in taking measurements upto 200 meters even in sunny weather, with IP65 classification, protected against dust and powerful water jets. 360° tilt sensor helps in not only measuring angles but also Horizontal distances. D510 has additional feature to accurately transfer using smart Bluetooth to Android 4.3, ipads, iphones, Windows8.

Leica Disto D5

World’s first Laser Distance Meter with colour display provides crystal clear image, allows measurements to be taken even in glaring sunshine. With power range technology allows measurements upto 100 meters without target plate and even upto 200 meters using a target plate. Built-In sensor helps to measure tilts upto +/- 45°.

Leica Disto D3aBt

D3aBt with 100 meter range, tilt sensor +/- 45° when measured with inclination helps in determining shortest distance, available with Blue tooth, results can be transferred to Android v4.0, Pc’s and pocket Pc’s

Leica Disto X310

Laser Distance Meter Disto X310 guarantees reliable measurements even under the harshest condition, Measuring range of 120 meters, all measuring elements protected by solid rubber parts, IP65 water jet protection and dust tight, 360° tilt sensor, completely shock proof passes drop tests of upto 2.0 meter height.

Leica Disto D210

Very compact, handy entry level with 80 meter range, inbuilt painter function very useful for painters to calculate the surface wall area with addition, subtraction. Area, volume calculation for rapid and reliable site measurements.

Leica Disto D110

The Leica DISTO™ D110 is world’s smallest laser distance meter with integrated Bluetooth® Smart technology.

Leica Disto D2

Compact, handy, economical Distance Meter with 60 meter range, clear display with added functions to calculate Area, Volume, addition, subtraction. With Leica Disto D2, you will never use a measuring tape again.