Interior Lasers

Leica Roteo 35G Premium

Fully automatic, horizontal and vertical laser, green laser beam even more visible and precise in bright lighting conditions for longer distances. Motorized wall mounting bracket helps in adjustment of levels of laser beam. Scan a particular angle, leaves other areas undisturbed. Very useful for large scale industrial floor leveling, installing ceiling and walls. An ideal tool for all indoor tasks.

Leica Roteo 35WMR

Rotating lasers impresses everyone for all interior works. Ceilings or walls installation, marking out right angles with a 360° reference plane and plumb beam, with a help of a wall mount, you can mount any angle 0-90° allows you to work at stairs or roof pitches. Very useful tool for precise indoor and outdoor tasks in which leveling or aligning is required.

Leica Roteo 20HV

Ideal rotating laser for basic users with Horizontal and Vertical lasers, wall mount for installing ceilings and walls.